The Dance of a Song Bird

When it came to letting one's emotions go, sometimes too much is revealed.

It might have been this song, or it might have been something else entirely unrelated but the sadness of it creeps into her being and touches something within. Some of the lyrics she could relate to. Some of it remind her of her place here, and of others, and the sad tune and haunting voices not only bring out more of her bold motions but also dig out emotions she was keeping behind a dam only to be released in her own privacy.

It felt as if this could go on forever but as the peak of the song is reached, so does her performance and slowly, everything seems to slow down with a few steps here and there. She reaches out ...


Then she takes a few steps back as if pained.

As the song draws to an end, so does her performance with her sitting down, then laying and curling up. She sits up then, taking a moment to wipe away at her cheeks and then with a smile, bows once more deeply, hoping that they have enjoyed what she had to offer, that maybe she had honored them as they did her with their presence and company.