So much glossy accents! Part 2

Hey all and welcome to part two of this wonderful little journey of making this book! I hope you're all enjoying it so far. Last time we left off working with sprays, paints and inks and lots of glossy accents! The lovely centerpiece dried and so I began to assemble the book. I wanted to try something different and thought I'd use the two-needle Coptic but at first I wasn't so sure how to do it with six sewing stations so.. I improvised!

Let's just say I had to pull the threads out a few times before I finally decided what I was going to do. It wasn't the most neatest stitches but the result turned out interesting. I think I'm going to start investing in Irish Linen thread since it's thicker and it'll show better but all in all, I enjoyed making this little project! Here is the finished result: