Mixed Media Magic

We are back at it again with yet another successful workshop! I was nervous about this one, I have to say. Mostly because I had to bring my own stash to the workshop. My inks, my stamps, my stencils.. You get the idea. I was so nervous that it would all be contaminated or ruined and such but much to my surprise, the girls were very appreciative and very careful. As careful as one could be during a Mixed Media session!

I am not an expert myself when it comes to Mixed Media. I'm still dabbling in it and experimenting myself. I taught them all I know regarding techniques. I taught them all about distress inks and its magical ways and how, with stencils, wonderful things can happen. I taught them about stamps, paper piecing, texture paste and how all those things can be combined to make a lovely piece. 

The second day, they came in with objects they wanted to alter. They all got into their own rhythm and created something wonderful and unique.

All in all, I'd say it was a success.