An attempt

So I decided to once more broaden my knowledge when it comes to binding books and the types of stitches you could use to embellish the spine and what not. I came across the diamond stitch or the crisscross stitch and it looks something like this:

I would like to point out that that is not my work, by the way. I wish mine turned out as neat and as pretty as that. That's just an example of what the diamond stitch looks like and the number of rows depends on the number of signatures you have. I have to say it's a pretty flimsy and finicky stitch to try and pull off. My spine felt like it was split in half by the end and my fingers felt ridiculously cramped by the end of it.

My first attempt turned out a bit sloppy but it was my first time. It's definitely one of the more difficult stitches to pull off without some prior practice. I'll have to practice it a few more times before I can work out the right tension and the right way to maneuver the book while I'm stitching it up.

Here's the one that I made. It's not horrible but it's not that good either. I hope to get better in the future as I do like the way this stitch looks.

I used a lovely tutorial that I found on Youtube. I think it might be just about the only good one that exists on this stitch:

Hope you all enjoy! If you have any tips and tricks to share about this particular stitch, I'm more than willing to hear some!