Tablet Case out of Chipboard!

 This is an idea that came to me when I realized that the tablet case I was using was being a pain. The magnetic closure on the tablet, when flipped back to fold behind the tablet, interfered with the device and put it to sleep while I was using. It was frustrating and I felt I wasted my money on what was supposed to be a good tablet. So, I thought to myself 'how hard could it to be to make a tablet case out of chipboard and paper?. The answer: Very hard.  


My first idea was to just rip the silicone out of the one I was using and just creative a hard cover for it, like so: 

At first I thought it would work quite nicely but then I realized that it was very difficult to pull the tablet out of the case and I could easily risk ripping the thing apart by pulling too hard.


My next idea was to create the whole thing out of chipboard. The tablet housing and a lid to keep it stationary when handled. Let me tell you, making a box with thin sides is ridiculously difficult but it worked out sort of. The box part worked out and when it came time to tackle the lid/closure, things became sloppy and messy:

I am honestly thinking about ripping the lid/hinge out and maybe use some elastic bands or perhaps workout some corner pieces that could be snapped on by a magnet or something. I'd love to hear some ideas and suggestions from you folk. Don't be shy.