Most Panic Inducing Experience of My Life [Weekly post]

It's one of those things that you wish you could forget because recalling it just produces that strange, sickly feeling at the pit of your stomach. It was during my third year of college, towards the end of the semester when final projects were due. The course in question was Corporate Identity and we had to create a portfolio website and merchandise and all that. I was getting ready to start working, thinking that the turn in date was the same that was on the college website. Instead I received a call from a classmate asking where I was and that today was the turn in date.

I can't even begin to explain the feelings that came to me at that moment. There was panic, fear, nausea and maybe a bit of irritation at both myself and the teacher for allowing this to happen. How could I have not known? How could someone forget the date of a final exam? Regardless, I called the teacher and tried to appeal to her, showing her how sorry I was and pleaded for her to give me a final chance to turn in my project and no one would have to know but alas, she did not respond.

There were many trips and visits to the college, many calls were made and I had to sit many times with the head of student affairs. The ordeal lasted for days and I started to doubt myself. I started to wonder if perhaps maybe I was in the wrong. I probably was for not double checking the dates but I've always had problems with this teachers since the beginning of the semester. Regardless, the whole debacle was making me sick and nervous so I started to pray, asking god for forgiveness if I had been unjust and wrong.

In the end, I went to the head of Student Affairs and cried, telling her that I was sorry and I don't want anymore trouble. I told her I was sorry for causing such a mess and I had taken responsibility of my actions. I wasn't sure why I was so scared of failing the course that I had to go through all this trouble just to turn in my work. I learned then that failure is not something to be feared but something we could learn from and since then I began to learn and study my failures to gain a new perspective each time.


1] If you were me what would you have done?

2] Have you ever had a fear of failure? How did you work around that fear?


Quote of the day:

"Failures are finger posts on the road to achievement"                                                                                  C. S. Lewis


A to Z Challenge Update!

Week two has passed and I can't believe I made it this far! I have to say it was a bit difficult to come up with words for certain letters and I recently discovered that K is not a letter a like. I've even considered stopping and quitting while I was ahead but luckily, I had friends who beat such a thought out of me with sticks of 'Don't you are!" and "You can do it!".

And here we are today! Starting another week of the A to Z Challenge. It is definitely teaching me a lot of about being creative on the spot!

Happy A to Z, everyone. Good luck.

Survived! [Weekly Post]

A to Z update!

I did it! I survived my first week of the A to Z challenge and I must say it's been a blast so far. Having to sit in front of the computer and force myself to come up with something to post is challenging. There were days when I knew what I wanted to post about and other days where I had to sit and figure out what to write about. All in all I'm thoroughly enjoying myself and I was able to meet new friends during this journey. I'll definitely be doing this again next year.




Heavy Thoughts:

Last night I was faced with a type of frustration that usually comes to me when I am faced with legitimately stupid people. Usually when I hear someone refer to others as stupid, I tend to feel bad but this time, I am placing aside my empathy and kindness to truly express what I was feeling.

I was hanging out at my usual place in a chat site that is meant for textual roleplay but most days it's used for socializing, gibberish, debates that are really arguments and insults being thrashed around when opinions differ and so on and so forth. It's everything you would expect when in highschool and perhaps worse but I have friends there and it's a good place to study 'human interaction'.

Out of no where this girl starts to type about teeth grinding and shakes and how she was high so I was, of course, flabbergasted! Some odd things have been said on this site and you get used to it after a while but I've never seen someone openly admit they were using drugs. Now, I did take in consideration that she may have been lying but given the way she was upset about people sharing their distaste for it, I don't suppose she was. When someone asked her why would she openly admit it all she had to say was "-shrug- it's a matter of opinion..".  Naturally, I was disgusted by this. Thousands of people suffer from this horrible affliction and resort to it due to desperate circumstances and here she is saying 'it's a matter of opinion'.

My response to her was to next time take enough to grind her teeth till they shatter and I don't know why but apparently that was rude of me and I was told not to get upset over things that don't directly affect me. That could be true in some cases but I don't really appreciate that certain topics be made light of simply to protect the offender's feelings. I found myself to be frustrated by this, down right upset. Why do people act like this? What were the series of events that led them to believe it was okay to act this way?

I soon realized that we live in a world that makes light of serious topics and I know that sometimes it's okay to laugh at certain things to lighten the mood but this girl went on saying that her high was ruined and I had half a mind to tell her that advertising something like that will not always garner a positive reaction.  After simmering about it for an hour, it dawned on me that I was probably wasting my energy being upset about something that will most likely never change and something I can do nothing about to fix.



1) What was the most frustrating situation you've ever come across?

2) What are your methods of dealing with frustrations that can't be fixed?

Share your stories in the comments bellow.


Quote of the day:

People don't like to think of themselves as sinful. They don't want to believe that they are selfish, evil people who would act much worse if unrestrained by society... Because they believe they act from pure motives, many people live by their own moral code and can always justify their behavior. When that strategy fails they can always think of someone worse than themselves.”        ― Douglas Beaumont