So.. This weekend was certainly something to celebrate. It was more or less me stepping out of the role of observer into the shoes of participant. Usually I watch the crazy things happen around me while I laugh hysterically at how my sister abuses my cousins on a regular basis but not this time. This time was totally different. As per every Friday, my cousins, siblings and I headed out to eat. This Friday we chose to have some Asian cuisine.  I didn't really care as long as I had Sushi. That made me a happy camper. In this lovely restaurant, we had taken a room instead of sitting outside. It was a little closed off but you can still hear the people next door and they certainly could hear us. I tell ya, the one thing I hate to have to suffer in a restaurant more than whining and crying babies, it's loud & obnoxious teenage girls snickering and squealing and going all crazy.

They were so loud, I had half a mind to just yell "Shut up!" but instead I retained my composure for the time being. One of my cousins hadn't arrived yet so when he called to ask which room we were in, we naturally gave him the wrong number and listened to him entering the wrong room. It was, of course, hilarious but that was not the most eventful thing that happened that night. As people chattered among themselves, exchanged stories and general laughter was all around, unbeknownst to anyone I was readying an attack on my cousin who was a seat away to my left.

This opportunity had come to me in the form of an ice bucket and a scoop. Reaching out, I scooped some ice and looked around, my cousin still distracted, wondering how am I going to perform my dastardly deed.  I stood up and began to step around and nonchalantly placed myself behind my cousin and with a swift motion, dumped the cubes inside his shirt. The next thing I knew he was flailing about, he fell off his chair and I stepped away laughing so hard, I was sure I was going to pee right there and then.  Of course, the whole table roared with laughter and I returned to my seat, trying to keep my bladder under control. Nobody saw it coming and there was cheers all around.

The usual shenanigans went on as it did every Friday and as such, we all ended up having the time of our lives and no regrets.