A is for Anxiety


I sat in the waiting room silently and at my side was my cat, clearly in a bad mood from having to endure multiple vet visits in a five day period; probably the most any cat had to endure in such a short span of time. I had arrived a few moments earlier and sat patiently while they prepared Reese's file. The doctor was a bit surprised to see me since I was there yesterday but I feared for my feline friend's eye.

It was time for the check up. The cage was placed up on the counter and Reese practically had be dumped out of it. His first ever pet visit traumatized him and since then he has been reluctant. The doctor confirmed that his eye was getting worse and started speaking of surgery and closing his eye to help it heal better. At that time, I could feel my anxiety rising, adding to the panic I felt this morning when I saw his eye. The process of cleaning had began but Reese had to be sedated, he was being far too fussy and it was too dangerous.

The sight of him laying limp in the arms of the assistant while the Doctor cleaned his eye out tugged at my heart. I grew even more anxious and my emotions began to build up. Sadness, empathy and panic were the emotional wrecking ball that crashed through my dam of composure. I started tearing up and as the doctor offered me tissues and started to try and make me smile, I only cried more.

He said I did good by bringing him today otherwise his eye would have been lost.

It turned out that his eye suffered an acute allergic reaction from an ointment his first vet used and had me use. It was sitting in his eye for days and so it created this severe irritation. Hopefully he'll be recovering much easier now that the offensive material had been removed from his eye.