Talk about underwhelming [Weekly Post]

Yup, you've read it right and I assure you I had the same reaction when I first saw the commercial. My sister and I were eating breakfast and watching TV when the commercial for this event started up, talking about this amazing show, an international circus coming to Jeddah for the first time and naturally, we both got excited simply because nothing fun every happens around these parts, so to speak. So we went online and checked for tickets and seating and saw that it seemed well thought out but given that it's Saudi Arabia, something was bound to go wrong but we kept an open mind. Of course, we told our dad immediately of this event So he could buy tickets for the family, we made plans and we both even decided that this was a good chance to use the camera that I spoke of in this post here. A few days rolled over, bringing us one day closer to the day of the event. We were all excited and giddy but I was also wondering if it was going to be flawless and much to my expectations the event had a few huge flaws. The number one biggest mistake they had is that they didn't set up bleachers for seating so that the further back you went, the higher you were for easy viewing. Instead, most of the seats were all the same level, so it didn't really matter how much you paid or what class you paid for, they're all the same which made it feel as if we've been ripped off.

After a little bit of squirming around and looking over and around taller heads, I was able to overlook the seating arrangements and enjoy the show. It wasn't a bad show at all, quite good but from where I sat, I could barely see the stage which made it very difficult to view anything happening on the ground. The second greatest flaw they had was the lightening set up. Now, I know that a circus needs spotlights and colored lights and patterned lights to set up the mood but when it was time for some acrobatics show, All I could see from it was the man's legs because the spotlight railing was in the way.

All in all, it was still enjoyable to spend some time with the family and poke fun at the event. The flying, very handsome acrobats produced a lot of "Oooohs" and "Aaaahs" and "Oh My Gods" from the masses, including me and my family. It was a good try and a good time. I'd be lying if I said I didn't have a good time and here are some of the samples from this camera which I was rather impressed by. Especially how crisp and clear the images are considering how zoomed in I was though I wish I was near the front as it would have enabled me to take better pictures but I was at least reminded of how much I enjoy photography.


1) What was the most underwhelming experience you've ever had?

2) How did you make the best of it?

A to Z Challenge Update!

I can't believe there are only two letters left and then the challenge is over till next year! I'm so proud of myself for making it this far and not quitting. I've had a few late posts but all in all, it was a wonderful experience, I've encountered some interesting bloggers along the way which will hopefully bloom into new friendships. Thank you all for such a wonderful journey and happy A to Z!