E is for Exhilarating

I can't even begin to describe the multiple yet conflicting feelings that were stirring within me that day. After our weekend trip to the resort, we stopped by a rather abandoned plot of land that was sort of a beach so that my dad could set up the parachute. When I first heard that he actually got one, I couldn't believe it. I thought my father had gone mad to try this on his children. He teased and joked about the many ways he'd try this on us and it only made me more frightened.  I am quite well known for my fear of heights as I take after my father but I digress. The chute was being set up and watching them struggle it with, being tossed around by it and lifted by the ropes was certainly hilarious. I've never seen a more comical sight. It was as if cartoons had sprung to life without how they were being tossed about.

The first to go and try was my sister. She was strapped on with a harness and was told to sit down on it. Watching her from a distance made my heart pound a million beats per minute and off she goes, soaring through the skies until my dad decided to take a turn and with a scream, she drops and tumbles to the ground, dragged by the car. It was quite the show and now it was my turn.

I've never been much of an adventurer, I was always the one opting out of roller-coaster and scary super fast rides. I sat down and the car drove off and then my feet left the ground faster than I could say "Oh my god!". I was a good number of feet off the ground and I could see everything for miles and miles. The wind blew past me, the rush that I felt was unlike any other. My heart was pounding in my ears and it was an exhilaration that  brought my whole body to life.

Of course, I too landed with a tumble, the chute dragging me a bit but it was all in good fun. No one was hurt. It was the most fun I had in a while and I'm glad I decided to take that leap.