NaNoWriMo & NaBloPoMo


So! It's the final week of NaNoWriMo A.K.A National Novel Writing Month. I can't believe I actually made it this far. With my habit of procrastination and other things, I usually drop projects but I'm surprised that I was very much intent on doing this. While I had strong start, it took a bit of incline about ten days in. The prospect of picking up after that was frightening as I had a lot to catch up on but I decided to set my goal to about 2.5k words a day. It's safe to say that I was surprised with myself and the amount of progress that I was able to make but now, as the final week is upon us, I can feel that momentum slowly leaving me. 

I'm not sure if it's because I burnt out too much energy on it or allowed it to consume my mind, but whatever it is, it's starting to catch up and I have to say I'm having a hard time shaking it off. I definitely don't intend to quit on the final week; I've worked too hard to do that. 

This journey has given me a bit of perspective on what it's like to be a writer or at least try to be one. I've always felt that I had nothing worth sharing, nothing anyone would be interested in reading, I even feel that way about my blog sometimes but NaNoWriMo certainly helped me break through that barrier of fear mostly because I was forced to write. Having been forced to write due to this challenge, I feel like maybe another doorway of creativity had been opened for me to explore and for that I am truly grateful. 

I also have a new found respect and appreciation for writers and authors all over the world. It is definitely a lot harder than it truly seems and the process is frustrating. As much as there moments of inspiration where your fingers are just gliding across the keyboard, filling the page with word after word, bringing more life to your story but then there are other moments, moments of doubt, moments of just blankness where nothing comes to mind; where all you can do is either stare blankly at the page or just find something else to do to distract you from your current state of dismay and useless.

That's currently where I am in this final week but I intend to break out of it one way or another.

Thank you NaNoWriMo for this wonderful experience, I will most certainly come back next year.


National Blog Posting Month; oh how I had high hopes for you though with trying to do NaNoWriMo among other things, it was just too hard to manage. I would have liked to join the hundreds doing it but alas, things just didn't work out. I would certainly love to try it again next year. For the five days that I've lasted, it's been lovely.

Thank you for the lovely but very short experience.