Jeddah Art Week: Opening Night

This was an interesting experience to say the least. I made the decision to actually go and see what's going on in the world. My friend was over at my house and we were doing some Mixed Media practice. I figured 'Why not go and take some footage? It should be fun, right?' 

Well.. I wouldn't exactly put it that way. It was definitely intriguing. I didn't think I'd be so nervous pointing my camera at everything and taking video footage. The gallery was bustling with life. It was so crowded that my short-statured self felt like I could easily get squished by the masses. There were all kinds of people. Photographers, art connoisseur, event coverage, journalists.. and many more. And then there was me, this little petite person walking around with a mini camera trying to get some good footage for her blog.

The art pieces were interesting. The theme looked to be about the Earth or the world and how all of the cultures that are spread around the world are stored within the Earth's memories and expressed in multiple different ways. The show itself was titled 'The Earth and Ever After'. 

There were pieces depicting the world map in various ways and others that were more abstract like shopping carts stacked on top of each other and a top view of a city block made out of different juice cartons and candy packages. There were paintings, photographs and sculptures. Some were made out of wood stumps and others made out of large industrial air conditioners stacked into a giant cube.

My favorite would have to be the altered satellite dishes. They were covered in some sort of odd material and lit up from the inside so that the carvings would be more clear.

All in all, it was a lovely change of pace. Perhaps next year, I'll check out the whole week instead of the opening night.