My Trip to Dubai

Last week, I went to Dubai with my aunt, my sister and my mom. Needless to say, I had my reservations regarding the trip and company. Each day that pass by, bringing us closer and closer to our flight date made me all the more nervous about this 'all girls' adventure. My father drove us to the airport and after everything was done, we said our goodbyes and waited to board our plane.

I discovered that flying is not a favorite thing of mine not because I have an issue with heights or the dangerous aspects of it but it was because I hated the cramped space, the uncomfortable space and the disgusting food. Granted, the flight was only a few hours long but I could not, for the life of me, find the ability to grow comfortable in my seat. We landed in Dubai at around 8ish 9:00 pm and by the time we got to our joke of a hotel room, we were exhausted.

It took a good few hours to resolve our issues with the hotel room. My mom made a reservation based on but it turned out that there weren't any rooms and they decided to give her whatever was available. I have to say, when we were moved to the 12th floor and introduced to our new room, I discovered for the first time how much of a badass my mom was. She really stuck to her guns until they have her what she paid for.

Our aunt arrived later on the second day and decided to rest for a few hours before we headed off to our first adventure. That night we decided to go to Dubai Mall and catch a late screening of Deadpool. It was a great show! After that we sort of chilled out at a cafe for the rest of the night and went back to our room to rest up for the adventures of the next day and the rest of the week!

Down below is a gallery of images that will explain my time there better than rambling on about it. Enjoy!:

View from Al-Hallab Cafe in Dubai Mall

Our Trip to the Miracle Garden

Walking around in this place made me feel like I somehow walked through a portal and entered a kingdom of fairies. I was half expecting to see some of them flying around!

The Butterfly Garden

It was a magical place to say the least. I was more than a little nervous about all these butterflies fluttering around me and flying all about. They came in different sizes and shapes! Some of them were even as big as my hand!

Dinner On A Small Cruise Ride

After we spent the day in the beautiful gardens, we decided to end the evening with a lovely dinner during a small cruise trip.

Jumairah Beach

My aunt and I took a walk down Jumairah Beach. The weather was lovely and the atmosphere was charged with energy. We even caught a bit of live music.

The Global Village

The next night we spent the better half of the day doing a lot of walking and discovering at The Global Village. It's a giant park that has pavilions from every country int he world.



The Global Village:

Dubai Mall Fountain Show

Our last night in Dubai was spent at the Dubai Mall where we took the time for a quick look around and booked a late show for Gods of Egypt. The movie was more or less a bust but after that, my mom stayed at a cafe while my aunt, my sister and myself took a long walk outside and caught the fountain show twice. It was magical!