Day 2: The Dream Job

The dream job.. We all had one, we all fantasized about one as kids and we all sought ways to achieve this dream job. We all also had a source of spark almost for that dream job, be it a movie, a comic, a cartoon or even a game. Mine was Jurrasic Park. It was one of my favorite movies as a kid and it still is. Ever since I saw that movie, I decided that I wanted to be an archaeologist when I grow up. I bought kits, books on dinosaurs and everything! Even when we went to the beach, I had a brush and shovel with me to dig up for bones and long lost treasures! Up until the 6th grade, it was everything that I wanted to do but as it is with kids, aspirations change and you realize there's a different dream job that you want.

As the years went by and I transitioned from elementary school to high school, my all time dream job changed from being an archaeologist to a Graphic Designer. This particular dream stuck with me despite my best friend at the time telling me that I'll most likely end up as a house wife somewhere with no real accomplishments and of course you'd think to yourself 'what kind of best friend says something like that?'. Sadly, it's what our culture and education perpetuated at the time.

So I go into college, I study Graphic Design and even during college, my dream job shifts a little to animator and then finally to graphic novelist. I graduate from college and it's been a few years but I slowly realized that Graphic Design isn't really my thing and I'm more of a crafty, messy, mixed media artist type of person; funny how things change as we grow older.

I still think an archaeologist has the coolest job in the world but now that I'm older, I realized that it's more than just going on adventures and discovering lost treasures. It's one of those jobs that require a lot of hard work, time and study but what doesn't these days.