Day 3: I'm not sure what happened.

I can't say that I'm sure what happened. I almost missed day 3 of this challenge! It is expected cine I'm a little overwhelmed by a few things, most of all the NaNoWriMo challenge. It's only been three days and I'm already feeling this way. I can't even imagine what the next few days to few weeks are going to feel like when I'm really feeling the pressure. 

I wasn't feeling all that inspired and was, more or less, lost for direction so I thought 'Maybe I'll play a little Witcher. Give my brain a break.' For me, Witcher is like an escape. It's a beautiful game with a very intricate plot that shifts and changes depending on your choices in the game itself. It's also a very big, big world with so much to do that you could lose hours just from doing a few missions, and I suppose that's what happened.

I lost several hours to this game, more than I could afford given that I had errands to run yesterday. I had to take my cat to the vet and that alone cost me a good couple of hours. I was so focused on producing today's word count that I had forgotten all about NaBloPoMo! The horrors! But luckily, at this late hour, I was able to catch myself.

What a night..