Random Thoughts

I've been nervous about this. I'm not sure why as I've been enjoying blogging for the short time I've been doing it. It's nice to be able to just put your thoughts out there and be met with like minded people but the idea of just putting thoughts in words; it's relaxing to say the least. I haven't posted in a while, not since July and I'm not sure why. My fear and nervousness has returned to me after not blogging for so long. As you can see, I'm in a new space. One that I love and enjoy. It's a bit lifeless at the moment as I am still figuring out my way around this place.

It's quite lovely so far. 

I plan to make this my new home; a hub for my creations, thoughts and work and in my first post, I welcome you all to my humble place of creativity and discussion. I hope you all like it as much as I do.

I'm sure some of you are wondering where I've gone. I've been getting ready to travel but then my plans have changed and I've decided to wait a few more months. My plan had some flaws in it and I'm afraid my excitement had clouded my judgement. In my wait, I've decided to delve further into the land of crafting and get acquainted with my tools. I've finally gotten my hands on some paper and other sorts of tools and I'm very excited.

My first project was a cover for a tablet but then I thought to myself 'why not make the whole thing out of paper?'. Let me tell you, it is certainly challenging and it's still not finished.

I finally worked up the courage to write something, I'll probably even make up a schedule on what to post and when to keep me from getting cold feet.