I write, I craft, I book bind and somewhere in between, Design is involved..

One of the hardest things I had to was is write about myself.

The simple notion of admitting that had me thinking; why was it so hard? When I look around, I see everyone with their own theme, their own idea, and their own direction and, in comparison, I was left floating about. Then I realized that, it wasn't a necessity to have a social goal or some strange moral agenda about saving the world. My goal was simply to be comfortable, to end up in a place where I do what I enjoy and what I love, and what I love is crafting, bookbinding and sometimes designing.

All of those things require patience and hard work and although sometimes I appear to be mellow and carefree, beneath that laid back exterior, there is a desire to achieve and sometimes perfect, and a willingness to spend countless sleepless nights, working on what I love. The reason I enjoy this particular trade is because of the satisfaction I gain after finishing a project, of knowing that ‘hey I did that and it feels good. I’m proud of what I did’. Glory and fame is certainly not the end goal but, in fact,  comfort, satisfaction & pride. I do not wish to be someone I’m not or pretend for the sake of others.

I am simply me.

I find that the words ‘artist’ and ‘designer’ sometimes don’t fit me or apply to me and it may have you wonder about what I’m doing or why I spent four years studying Graphic Design. I don’t deny that it’s something that caught my interest but as I traveled on this journey I found myself breaking away from traditional design and falling into the land of mixed media and paper crafting and the like. All this brought me to a new love that I like to call: Bookbinding.

I reach this point in my statement and still have trouble writing about my work, defining it and labeling it. 

I am without a label, without a definition and what I do often depends on what job I’m given or what mood I’m in. I think of myself as a person of creativity, and as they say a person can be a jack of all trades & I like to think of myself as a jack - or rather a Jane - of ‘some’ trades. It is said that variety is the spice of life and if one finds themselves enjoying many things then why should one confine themselves to one thing? Who says you can’t love or enjoy more than one thing in life? I’m not just a designer, or just a bookbinder; I’m not just any thing. 

Design is everywhere and in everything and as a person of creativity, I enjoy a piece of everything.